• The Customer Service is A+++++ any time I need something Tracy and her team are on the spot. I love this program, and can't imagine that I would be as competent in my job responsibilities, if I didn't have it!

    • Sharla Sanders
    • Operations Manager at Doug O'Neill Racing Stable
  • It's about time someone in this industry has come up with a complete management program.

    • David Donk
    • Trainer
  • TLore is amazing! Best program I have ever used!

  • I don’t know how I could live without it now.

  • I applaud all your efforts, and want you to know how great I think your site is! I honestly don't know what I'd do without it!!

  • We have become a more efficient operation since we started using TLore. I am able to organize data in ways that weren't possible before we started using TLore.

  • TLore has proven to be the perfect communication program to keep trainers and owners in touch with each other twenty-four hours a day. I'm not sure how it is not part of every racing stable.

  • Since 2003, TLore has been a very valuable part of our organization. Aside from the convenience of the system, Tracy and Buck have repeatedly been very quick to analyze, and even design reports we have needed. Many thanks!

  • TLore has permanently replaced my dry-erase board!!

  • I love it. It makes my job so much easier.

  • Since implementing TLore, the internal communication and organization of our Stable has improved dramatically.

    • Lesley Howard
    • Director of Operations at Stonestreet Farms
  • Great program!!

    • Brent Comer
    • Medical Care Manager / Layup Manager for Stonestreet Farms
  • I have tried three different horse related programs and this is by far the least expensive and is easier to navigate to information that I want to have at my fingertips. I am able to use my phone, Ipad, or computer at any time to get info quickly.

    • Buff Bradley
    • Owner and Trainer at Bradley Racing Stables, LLC
  • Easy to use, makes you look organized!

    • Tim Hills
    • President at TA Hills Racing
  • We have been using TLore for our stable for many years. Tracy has done a great job with a great product. It's easy to learn and a huge asset to any racing stable.

    • Mark Hennig
    • President at Mark Hennig Racing Stables
  • I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that has gone into this program. It's become the most important tool in my business, allowing me to keep all of my data organized and accessible at any moment during the day.

    • David Donk
    • Trainer at Equis Endeavor Inc
  • As a owner this is a very good site to have for billing and is very easy to use and the support service is great I highly recommended TLore for any horse owner or trainer.

    • Richard Victor
    • Owner at Victor Racing
  • Excellent service and makes my stable billing and info easy and up to date.

    • Ralph Biamonte
    • Trainer at Ralph Biamonte Racing Stable
  • TLore is the best data storage program on the market, nothing compares to it.

    • Mary Ann Morrison
    • John Morrison Public Stables
  • TLore is very easy to use and a great program to keep records in order when on the road or in the office. It has streamlined our recordkeeping and bookkeeping process, a huge asset when our stable is split between multiple locations.

    • Niall Saville
    • Trainer at Niall Saville Racing Stable
  • TLore is a wonderful program. It is easy to use, great for tracking horses, changing locations, tracking foal papers, owner information, entering charges, and invoicing. I love that it is online, so that any employee, no matter where there are located, can access the database.

    • Tari Hendrickson
    • Office Administator at Romans Racing Stables
  • Can easily create categories and billing that works for me and my clients.

    • Christine Janks
    • Trainer / Owner at Carson Springs Farm
  • I would be lost without TLore. Its a great program, you should be very proud of TLore! I look forward to the up and coming changes on TLore.

TLore is a management service for thoroughbred racehorses. TLore can help you:
  • Organize your racing stable quickly and efficiently
  • Manage day-to-day operations of your stable
  • Save valuable time and yet maintain a high level of communication
  • Manage billing and invoicing, record and document training and set lists, racing history, health records, lasix history, inventory, stakes nominations and more.
    Scan or take a picture of things such as coggins, foal papers, pedigree pages, race charts, X-rays, photos, employee papers, etc. and then associate with a horse, owner, employee or race for quick reference.
    Schedule vaccinations and worming dates, enter stakes nomination dates, view racing schedule, check on expiring documents, create your own events all on this interactive calendar.
    As day to day operations are entered into the system such as race results, location changes, therapies, shoeing dates, etc, those with a charge associated with it will automatically go into the end of the month invoice.
    Create a customized shipping report which includes only designated information from a horse�s history to print or email when shipping a horse to the farm, a different divisions, or new owners/trainers.
    Color coded spreadsheet showing all scheduled, possible, nominated, entered and run races for mapping out racing schedules and can be sorted by owner, track, race status, sex, state bred in, etc.
    Pedigrees, workouts and race reports are automatically integrated. Add a Briswatch subscription to get all race entries, results and PP�s within a couple of hours of entry time and import into the TLore database.
    Our App lets you access and enter data quickly and efficiently from any Android or Apple, phone or tablet.
    Email weekly updates, photos, videos directly to owners including races history, scheduled races, workouts, notes, etc.
    $3.00 per horse per month